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1 June 2017: Ballot vote for pay action beaten by turnout law 62.7% vote in favour of industrial action but on a 22.8% turnout. New negotiations sought..
LV Car Insurance
One Jannie One School27 April 2017: One Janitor, One School - and keep our school cleaners
Edinburgh budget response: Defending services or administering austerity? UNISON's Tom Connolly made the following submission to Edinburgh City Council's budget meeting today as Joint Trade Unions Staff Side Secretary (on the blog). 

9 February 2017: UNISON lobbies Council Budget Meeting - Stand up for local services

UNISON News January 201723 January 2017: Cuts briefing and updates on Pay, Transformation, Health and Social Care integration and Schools and Lifelong Learning

UNISON News November 20162 November 2016: Health and Social Care Integration Briefing. Avoidance of Disputes and major concerns about workloads (pdf)

20 September 2016: Health & Social Care Organisational Review: Contacts and meetings
Transport Review Update22 April 2016: Housing Review Update - Homelessness and Housing Advice Services Review UNISON News August 201626 August 2016: Transformation update Keeping the compuslory redundancy, stopping excessive workloads, review updates....
UNISON News May 201610 May 2016: Transformation update Fighting compuslory redundancy, stopping excessive workloads, defending conditions, business support review and more.... 11 April 2016: UNISON statement on Edinburgh school closures (on the blog)
UNISON News April 1631 March 2016: Social Work and Social Care - a cut too far: Has Edinburgh learned nothing? (pdf)   18 March 2016: Housing and Regulatory Services Review Update: (pdf)
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9 March 2016: Disability News Update - ballot result and plans for future meetings.
health and Social Care Review15 February 2016: Health and Social Care Review Update (pdf) 21 January 2016: The silent slaughter of local government has to stop: Joint Trade Unions Staff Side Secretary Council Budget Response
UNISON Ethical Care Charter12 Jan 2016: Council makes UNISON Ethical Care Charter pledge - Click here for full details UNISON news Dec 1514 January 2016: Cuts on top of cuts - January newsletter: Union fights off increment cut, more must be done to stop compulsory redundancies and keeping bosses to procedures
23 Dec 2015: What UNISON news Dec 15council cuts really mean - A rundown on what the cuts mean for and and your services UNISON news 24 Nov 1524 Nov 2015: Transformation madness must stop - UNISON calls for slowdown for meaningful consultation

UNISON News Oct 201529 Oct 2015: UNISON wins major changes to voluntary severance - but fight continues against compulsory redundancies

UNISON News Oct 201515 Oct 2015: Exposing myth of need to rush to redundancy - Lobby on 29 October - click here for bulletin
Joint UNISON/Unite Dignity @ Work leaflet updated. Click here to download 1 Oct 2015: PAY: Over 88% of Scottish local government members voting in the pay ballot have accepted a two year offer with a new Living Wage deal.
6 Oct 2015: Tell council to UNISON News Oct 2015keep no compulsory redundancy pledge: Lobby on 29 October - click here for bulletin 15 Sept 2015: Let us work for a better future: drop the Trade Union Bill. UK site.
30 Sept 2015: How councils could limit the damage of cuts and austerity - new UNISON report on Scotland site 30 Sept : Voluntary severance: Updated advice for members as branch seeks to improve terms.
24 Sept 2015 on the blog: Council committee rejects privatisation plans - campaign on now against compulsory redundancies. 21 Sept 2015 on the blog: Job lost is a service lost to citizens - John Stevenson in Evening News.
17 Sept 2015 on the blog: UNISON urges Edinburgh coalition to stand by principles it was elected upon. 16 Sept 2015: Edinburgh services face meltdown as UNISON fears over 3,000 job losses and privatisation
15 Sept 2015: Fears that services face being slashed with 3,000 jobs set to go. Members' briefing. 1 Sept 2015: New pay offer - ballot from 2 September. Negotiators get front loading of 1.5 % and 1% on two year offer and new living wage deal.
28 Aug 2015: Yes to workers' rights. No to austerity. Manchester rally and march, Sunday 4 October 21 July 2015: Voluntary Severance, City of Edinburgh Council. UNISON information for members.
26 June 2015: Conditions update: PRD (Performance Review and Development) City of Edinburgh Council Grades 1-4 25 June 2015: Time for government to stop starving councils - UNISON warns Edinburgh councillors to be sure what they are signing up to - Plus Branch Secretary statement on 'Transformation'
22 June 2015: 2015 pay negotiations update on UNISON Scotland site. 1 June 2015: CLEANING IN CRISIS Update: More staff drafted in to alleviate current problems. Deloitte review postponed to August so check back here for updates. (pdf)
May 2015: UNISON Scotland Briefing: Queen’s Speech: UK government programme and Scotland (pdf) 27 March 2015: UNISON welcomes decision in Edinburgh social work contempt of court case 27 March
28 April 2015: Key questions in The Public Services Election: UNISON's manifesto and what you should ask your candidates. 25 February 2015: Victory for part time staff unsocial hours payments: Tom Connolly: "UNISON's tenacity has paid off for these members."
25 February 2015: Freespace staff vote for UNISON recognition 12 February 2015: Cleaning staff cuts update briefing (pdf)
12 February 2015: Thanks for support at cuts rally - photos on blog and twitter 9 January 2015 Blog: UNISON slams Edinburgh 1200 job cuts dressed up as reorganisation. Click here for initial response
31 December 2014: New Year message. You are the people who stand up for Edinburgh's services. 23 December 2014: Joint Trade Unions Staff Side Secretary 2015/2016 Council Budget Response  
14 December 2014: Health and Safety Cold Weather Advice. 13 December 2014: 87% vote to keep UNISON's political voice: Scotland in UNISON magazine online
3 December 2014: Bhopal Commemoration - 30 years on. Still No Justice for the victims. Wed 3 Dec Greyfriars Kirkyard Memorial | Updates from UNISON delegation 05 December 2014: UNISON response to Edinburgh cuts - government must put cash in.
4 November 2014: Consultative Ballot on LG Pay Scotland - Members vote to accept 12 November 2014: Holiday pay claims important update - 3 month rule
25 August 2014
NORMAL PAY FOR HOLIDAY CLAIMS. CHECK YOUR PAYSLIP NOW! Click here for more info. You MAY have a claim.
5 November 2014: UNISON Edinburgh Members' Benefits Day. Save up to £250 a year. Free Prize Draw. Waverley Court Courtyard 14 November
Wednesday 22nd October 2014 is National Inspection Day. Please contact your Safety Rep if your workplace needs an inspection. Download a poster. Pay Briefing17 October 2014: Why we are being balloted again. PLEASE VOTE! New branch briefing on employer's proposals. Hold workplace meetings now.
11 September 2014
UNISON agrees death benefit increase for council staff
29 September 2014 Members vote YES for action in pay ballot by 53.5% to 46.5%.
UNISON News11 September 2014
Ballot now open: Use your vote for fair pay. Click here for UNISON News special.
2 September 2014
Check the blog today for submissions to council after 10.00 on Pre-Retirement Days and Qatar vist.
27 August 2014
Briefing for Care Home Members: 12 Hour Rotas 90 days notice
27 August 2014
Edinburgh College job evaluation update on Edinburgh College pages
5 August 2014
UNISON urges Edinburgh council to keep local people’s say over care services.
5 August 2014
UNISON Edinburgh statement on the slaughter in Gaza.
25 July 2014
Pay ballot set for 9 September. See UNISON Scotland site for more details....
1 August 2014
Home Care electronic monitoring ditched after union campaign...
8 July 2014
Pay consultative ballot: Members vote 65% to 35% for industrial action ballot. More details on UNISON Scotland site.
22 July 2014
Listening to members. Branch acting on lessons from workplace pay meetings.
25 June 2014
UNISON warns of a major assault on public services as 60 per cent of cuts are still to come
23 June 2014
Reports from National Conference | Local Government Conference
3 May 2014
May Day rally report: "Unions must give hope"
1 May 2014
Branch celebrates anniversary of Miners' strike and Nursery Nurses' strike
19 April 2014
International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April. Click for details
28 February 2014
New officers elected at AGM. See contacts page.
19 February 2014
Worried about winter fuel bills? UNISON Winter Fuel Grant. Help when you need it. Apply before 28 February
19 February 2014
It's time to care, says UNISON as survey reveals Scotland's care crisis
12 February 2014
Lobby Against Council Cuts
"No school cleaner gambled billions on the stock exchange - No home carer, no social worker, no librarian. None of them created this recession. Why should they be expected to pay for it?"
6 February 2014:
Talks 'breakthrough' Road Services Summer/ Winter Rota
5 February:
£36 million more cuts! Lobby the Council Budget Meeting 13 February 08.30
1 February 2014:
We're Worth It! Pay Lobby 12.30 Tues 4 Feb, City Chambers
31 December 2013:
New Year message: Rarely have we needed our union more than now.
12 January 2014:
Edinburgh Council Budget 2014 - Trade Union Staff Side Response
December 2013:
New Branch Magazine online - Equality review of pay system
16 December 2013:
Contempt of court ruling on Edinburgh social workers – UNISON response

31 October:
PAY: WE NEED YOUR VIEWS. Should UNISON ignore the 1% pay imposition for 2014 and submit a claim anyway - or should the union build for 2015 instead?

31 October:
UNISON welcomes Council decision to pay for PVGs - 'great success for unions'

26 October 2013:
CoSLA pay statement 'nonsense'. They imposed a new offer after UNISON members accepted a one year deal. Unite union broke ranks... Click here for more details
11 October 2013
UNISON has 'grave concerns' over Edinburgh budget cuts

30 September:
Edinburgh Joins 50,000 strong Manchester NHS demo

7 October:
Edinburgh welcomes Denis Goldberg to the Edinburgh World Justice Festival 12 October






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