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UNISON Scotland Website

UNISON Scotland Links - branches, bargaining links and lots more

UNISON National Website (with links to other regions and branches)

UNISON National Links

Scotland in UNISON Newspaper



STUC is back online

LabourNet UK

Labour Start

International Labour Organisation

International Labour Organisation Actrav (Workers Activities)

UNISON LabourNet News from branches, from around the union and other TU news

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Join the community at Edinburgh247 with chat rooms, news, links, classifieds, whats on and much more useful information.

City of Edinburgh Council

Edweb Scotland's Capital City

Edinburghs Pubs

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ultimate Guide to Edinburgh

Heart of Midlothian Football Club

Hibernian Football Club

26th Edinburgh Boys Brigade

Balgreen Primary School

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Scottish Councils after reorganisation (From "Gateway to Scotland" by University of Edinburgh Dept of Geography)

Aberdeenshire Council

Angus Council

City of Edinburgh Council

City of Edinburgh Council Housing

Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council

Dundee City Council

East Ayrshire Council

Glasgow City Council

Moray Council

West Lothian Council

Western Isles Council



Scottish Executive

The Scottish Parliament

open.gov.uk Government Information Service

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Evening News

The Scotsman newspaper

The Daily Record newspaper

The Herald newspaper

Detroit striking journalists homepage

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Cyber Picket Line

Trade Union Sites on the World Wide Web (FNV)


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Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The British Association of Social Workers - Scotland

Community H.E.A.R.T - Supports Health Education and Reconstruction Training in Southern Africa

ACTSA ScotlandACTSA Scotland Action for South Africa

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*=Why did they bother, **=Worth a look, ***=Well worth a look, ****=Great,
*****= Whoopee (all entirely subjective ratings decided in the pub).

Stuttgart or Bust - The latest adventures of Jockie and Rossi, a tale of simple folks following the Jambos, Vol 2 ***

Fawlty Towers (with German Language Option) What an odd site. Fun if you can put up with the blomin' consoles.**

Lenin's Home Page Go on, click on "Why I've Done This Page"****

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Webcam Now it's over you can see all the sites.***

Need a joke for your speech? Try Laughter.com Spice up your branch meeting speech with a few witty asides ***

Download a Marxist insult Just one of the exciting options on this tribute to Groucho ****

Previous Oddlinks

Downright Odd | Fascinating and Useful Information | Humour | Music | Political? | Pretty Sites | Secret

Downright Odd

2,000 toilet seat lights to fit 10,000 bowl heights - how did you ever manage without one? *****

Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen - Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen! ****

Craziest Websites on the Planet Featuring "Dr Crazy" winner of the Short Attention Span of the Week site in April! *****

Ferrets Online: "Introduction to ferrets and links to other ferret sites of interest" **

Fun with Grapes - a microwave lightshow. No responsibility accepted if you are daft enough to do this. ***

Guana Guana, Hopper, Brownie and Bumpy - The story of four very special (and spoiled) green iguanas *****

Jockie 'n Rossie go to Majorca a tale of simple folk following football *

The Boot Jack Stand: Ideal for the removal of any boot at any time *

Ugly sites, daft sites and truly imaginative stuff from Inept ***

Web Police - No, I didn't believe it either *

Oddlinks Index

Fascinating and Useful Information

Anstruther Lifeboat Station An absolute must for East Neuk fans *****

Budget Holidays Guide to Sleeping in Airports: ***

Edinburghers Biographies: Adam Smith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Elsie Inglis and more. **

Edinburgh Pub Tour: Really swish but there are over 500 more pubs than they feature **

How many female breeding pigs in Scotland? the Scottish Office knows, and you can too! **

Live pictures from Davis Station Antartica - Fascinating, but not a lot to see at night! ****

Potatoes Online a fascinating site for all you spuds freaks *****

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - A wee charging Mountie gif and lots of Mountie pics. ***

Sedgwick County Fire Department Kansas For firefighter fans. * (male vote) ***** (female vote)

Subway Navigator - Find your way round any subway in the world. It even told me how to get from Cowcaddens to Buchanan Street. *****

Tayside Police Good evening and welcome. Info on how to get to the 1999 Open Golf and warnings in five languages about the perils of illegal parking and how tee'd off you'd get about being towed away. **

The Kingdoms of Lowland Scotland Did you know that Strathclyde Kings claimed descent from Ceretic Wledic? (Some Kings claimed descent from Macsen Wledig (Magnus Maximus), but this appears to have been due to confusion with Ceretig.) *****

Universal Currency Converter - Even has Euros to Pounds. Really Handy. ****

What's the traffic like in Seattle? Freeway cams - have a look at Snoqualmie Pass! (Our favourite - don't know why) *****

Oddlinks Index


April Fools on the web - hours of malicious fun! ***

Asterix: Competitions, Stories and Wallpaper (Thanks to The Scotsman) ****

(Big Tamsh Unoffichial Language Learner) - Learn to shpeak like a film shtar - Unfortunately this site (at Heriot Watt) has gone. We say bring back the speak like Sean Connery site - it was magnificent. *****

Eric Idle Drove My Car: Enough said. Though you could click on the words at the very bottom... *****

Fistful of Spikes: Allegedly Spike Milligan's homepage **

Ham(p)ster Dance This will really cheer you up! "Why do you misspell hamster? It's not supposed to have a 'p' in it! If you don't think hampster has 'p' in it, then you've never owned a hampster! ;-) Everything here is named with a 'p' because the name of the original HampsterDancer is Hampton Hampster, a little hamster from Canada" - *****

Fishy Dance More of the bizarre same - but have fun pausing your mouse over the fish and giggling at the comments ****

"Kissthisguy" funny, bizarre and downright daft misheard song lyrics ***


Oddlinks Index


Scottish midi tunes Just in time for the parliament sing-a-long. ***

Sheena Easton's OFFICIAL Homepage: No cheap imitations here. **

Oddlinks Index


Cuba's Website: It's worth it just for the rippling Java lake in the opening banner. ***


Oddlinks Index

Pretty sites

Art Center College of Design (Pasadena Calif.) Some lovely wee touches and a new pic every time you go in! *****

Caledonian MacBrayne "Hello there! What a beautiful day. And warm too. A grand day for going to sea. Indeed, yes. Anyway, welcome aboard the Caledonian MacBrayne web site. I'm here to tell you all about the west coast of Scotland..." it says. ***

Monet's home, garden and village - Some lovely stuff and lots of strobing (why?) Monet posters. LA Times "Times Pick" May 1997, so they say. ****

Perth College My niece works in a restaurant in Perth. Ask if your waitress's name is Jenny. ****

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Nice birling logo and design, I think anyway. Unfortunately the re-design is not as nice as the old one. Was *****, now ****

Oddlinks Index


MI5's secret site Well, not really. *

The CIA's kids homepage Honest! ***

Oddlinks Index


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