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A Million Voices For Change

UNISON Scotland has launched its 'Public Works' campaign with the message that public service cuts will increase costs for ordinary families and will delay economic recovery.

Click here to tell us why public services are important to you

million voices

Campaigning for Public Services

The people of Scotland expect and deserve the very best public services. Public services must be:

  • of a high quality
  • accessible to those who need them
  • responsive to those who use them
  • delivered by a well paid, well trained, highly motivated workforce.

That is why we are running our Revitalise our Public Services Campaign. In the Branch we have campaigned under the banner of Serving Scotland's Capital. You can link to all these from this page.

Getting the message across

To represent its members, the branch needs to communicate and campaign with:-

The branch has a Communications Officer and a joint Communications and Education Committee, elected from stewards and officers.

Its role is to inform members about work related issues, about what their branch is doing and about 'political' issues that affect their employment and the services they provide. It also has a role in campaigning for our policies with the public.

The committee has the support of a full time Scottish Communications Officer, a national lay Communications Committee, a professional National Communications Department.

There is also a fortnightly national activists newspaper, UNISON Focus and a Scottish bi-monthly bulletin, Scotland in UNISON.



Campaigning with members

The branch communicates in a number of ways using:-

Branch Magazine and bulletins

We produce:-

  • a regular branch magazine, click here for latest issue

  • bulletins for individual groups of members

  • bulletins for departments and sectors


  • Press and TV coverage not only informs the public, it informs our members, often more quickly than bulletins

  • Press releases on all issue of interest are issued regularly. See Hot News for the latest ones.

  • This Website. This is a new venture, but with more and more people going 'online' it is a useful and immediate way of giving access to a lot of information.

Face to Face Contact

Bulletins, leaflets and media coverage are all very well, but nothing substitutes for face to face contact. This is done through:-

  • briefing stewards to cascade information

  • formal decision making meetings with members

  • informal meetings and briefing sessions



Campaigning with the public

All the methods used for members are used to get our message across to the public, but perhaps with a different focus. There are additional methods as well:-

  • joint campaigns, like the school meals campaign

  • financial or practical support for community groups which share our aims

  • demonstrations and lobbies to draw attention to issues

  • leaflets and briefings to explain issues



Campaigning with decision makers

Again, everything that is directed to members or the public also gets to decision makers. There are also additional methods, especially targetted at decision makers:-

  • detailed responses to policy documents

  • demonstrations, lobbies

  • raising issues politically through the Affiliated Political Fund.



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