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Branch International Officer

The Branch International Officer post exists to foster and maintain links with trade unionists around the world, most particularly recently in Palestine, Cuba, Nicaragua and South Africa, although there have been formal links in the past with Sweden and Canada.

The post is designed to exchange information and ideas, to learn from each other and to provide assistance where possible. It is also there to advise the branch on international policy issues.



Support for New York colleagues and continued calls for peace

In the year of the attack on the World Trade Centre and then the war in Afghanistan, all members must have been more conscious than usual of international issues. (see special report)

We live in a world in which events far away can rapidly have a direct impact on our lives. The branch responded instantly to the events of 11 September by giving support to union branches in New York and at the same time warning that there should not be a response based on revenge - this would lower the USA and allies to the same moral level as the attackers and make the world more dangerous in the long run.

Sadly such voices were not heeded and the Branch Committee expressed its deep concern about the bombing of Afghanistan and gave organisational and financial support to the conference 'Not in Our Name' on December 8.

A number of other international issues have received our attention. We supported local actions on Third World debt. We supported and attended a conference on Palestine which drew the links between the Palestinians struggle against Israeli occupation of their land and the fight against apartheid in South Africa.

I have sought to draw attention to the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), a proposed international treaty which could oblige governments to pursue privatisation of certain public services. We have supported activities of the World Development Movement on this and are seeking to raise it with our MP's.

There had been no-one in this post in the previous year so these activities have been build up from a standing start, with assistance from one or two other branch members. One of the things which I would like to do is to build up a larger network of members in the branch who are active on issues of international solidarity or aid. There is a lot we could do so if interested please contact me (if are-elected) via the Branch Office.

International Relations Officer



Cuban trade unionists visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh UNISON welcomed two Cuban trade unionists on a visit to the city in the person of Armando Plaza Olazabal and William Rodriguez Arias from the Cuban TUC's Holguin Province.

Plaza and William were welcomed to Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh during their stay.

They told of the terrible devastation caused by the recent hurricane and the problems caused by the U.S boycott. William, a computer enthusiast, went home with surplus equipment from the Edinburgh branch.

As part of their visit, the branch arranged a lunch, a visit to the People's Story museum and a lively and informative tour of the City Chambers by UNISON member - and Edinburgh history expert - John Wilson.

Then there was time for a couple of hours exchange of information about trade unionism here and in Cuba.


Message of thanks from Cuban trade union

Edinburgh UNISON's Lyn Williams has brought a thankyou message from CTC (SNTECD) colleagues in Cuba's Holguin province, following her recent "school twinning" visit.

The branch had sent a commemorative paperweight and Drummond High School had sent a plaque to commemorate their twinning arrangement. Much needed supplies were also provided.

The Cuban union sent a miniature tea set as a return gift to the UNISON branch and it will be greatly treasured. The message from our Cuban colleagues reads:

"Esteemed workers of UNISON. Many thanks for your gift which is so very kind and beautiful.

We send you our most sincere greetings from the CTC Holguin Cuba."





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