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Health and Safety


Good Health and Safety Representatives. Good for everyone

Dignity @ Work Campaign

Dignity @ WorkThe aim of the UNISON and Unite Dignity at Work campaign is to promote respect and dignity at work; to embed a zero tolerance culture of the ill- treatment of workers and to ensure that the practice of unconditional respect of all workers, by all workers is central to the Council's business. If issues such as bullying and harassment are left unchallenged this can have a devastating impact upon the daily lives of workers, leading to work related stress and ill-health. Click here or of the graphic for a leaflet

Click here for training courses 2015

Workers Memorial Day 28 April 2015, Princess Street Gardens. Click here for details

UNISON Stress at Work Guide
Although its causes may vary, stress is an issue that affects nearly all workplaces. This guide seeks to explain to safety reps what they need to know to represent, negotiate, campaign and organise around stress. 10 November 2014

National Health & Safety Inspection Day 2014
Your union safety reps carried out a health and safety inspection of workplaces on 22 October.

International Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2014, 12.30 West Princes Street Gardens

New Pages on Bullying, Stress and Sickness Absence | Government attacks on safety regulations | TUC manifesto to improve safety | Training Updates and Heating Updates North and Waverley Court (Feb 2013)

National Health & Safety Inspection Day 2012
Your union safety reps carried out a health and safety inspection of workplaces on 24 October.

Backcare Awareness Week: 8-12 October 2012

June 2012: New TUC Training programme

June 2012: Shift Working and Shift working and breast cancer update from TUC

May 2012: Have you worked or do you work with vibrating machinery or hand held power tools? Click here for our new Hand Arm Vibration leaflet....(pdf)

Update 7 March 2012

Workplace Inspections Updated 14 Nov 2011

Why are health and safety reps important? How do I become one? Click here

Health and Safety FAQs and online advice form

International Workers Memorial Day Edinburgh 28 April 2012
IThe Edinburgh event will take place at 12 O'clock on 28 April 2012 at the Memorial Tree, West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Click here for details of last year's event

29 February 2012 was RSI Awareness Day
Click here for details and a UNISON Information Sheet

December 2011: Cold Weather Working Advice
Click here for detailed advice from the Health and Safety Officer

26 October 2011 was National Inspection Day

On this date Trade Union Safety Representatives are encouraged to inspect their workplace.

It wasn't possible to agree a joint approach with management to support an awareness campaign despite me raising the issue with them. If you don't have a UNISON Trade Union Safety Representative in your workplace (and around 600 Council workplaces don't) then you and your colleagues will miss out on this opportunity to identify risks posed to your Health and Safety while you are at work.

24 to 28 October 2011 was also European Health and Safety at Work week; again due to the restriction on time to undertake Trade Union Safety work that Council management have imposed it was impossible to organise a campaign based around this. The theme for this year was Maintenance which is particularly important as this is the type of issue that is sacrificed when cuts are imposed. The TUC guidance on this topic can be found here;


If you or a colleague are interested in becoming a trained Health and Safety representative please contact the Branch Health and Safety Officer via the Branch Office.

See more at http://www.unison.org.uk/safety/pages_view.asp?did=7303

Why are health and safety reps important? How do I become one? Click here

Update 7 March 2012

UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch is pleased that progress is being made in implementing the Committee structure that was agreed when the Health and Safety Policy was signed in March 2009.

The progress is slow but it is being made. The Branch is still actively seeking Safety Reps who are able and willing to undertake the detailed consultation with each Department and with the full Council to help make the City of Edinburgh Council a safer place to work.

If you are a Safety Rep and you are interested in getting involved please contact the Branch Health and Safety Officer (Dave McConnell) via the Branch Office. If you aren't a Safety Rep but are interested in becoming one please also contact the Branch Health and Safety Officer (Dave McConnell) via the Branch Office.

The Branch Health & Safety Committee comprises branch officers and reps from stewards committees. Its job is to oversee Health and Safety issues, to advise stewards committees and officers, to support Health and Safety reps and to campaign on Health and Safety issues.

Shop Stewards are encouraged to be safety reps as well, although there is also a parallel system where members can be elected or appointed purely as Safety reps. They have a statutory role and 20 days accredited training is available via TUC courses. Further specialised training is available through UNISON and other TUC courses.

Safety reps would typically monitor Health and Safety in the workplace, carry out inspections and ensure proper risk assessments are carried out. Support comes from the Health and Safety committee and from an extensive database held in the branch office on Health and Safety legislation and regulations.

Following the introduction of the Council's Health and Safety Policy in March 2009 the Council and each individual Department should have joint management/union health and safety committees. The Corporate Health Safety and Wellbeing Group is operating and should soon have an agreed constitution. Each Department has either agreed a standard constitution or has formally signed it off.

Trade Union pressure has been important in making this happen and we will need to have trained Safety Reps in every workplace to make these into effective forums. Similar structures should be developed in the community sector and in associated bodies.

The role of Health and Safety is becoming more crucial as ideological cuts start to bite and the pressures and stresses on our members increase. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Safety Rep should contact the Branch Office for more information.


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