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Health and Safety

Bhopal Commemoration - 30 years on

Still No Justice for the victims. Wednesday 3 December.
Greyfriars Kirkyard Memorial
5.45.p.m. for 6.00. p.m. All welcome.

Bhopal 3 December 1984
The Worlds Worst Industrial Disaster.


UNISON Scotland's Health and Safety and International chairs will be in Bhopal for the 3 December anniversary. Click here for more details and updates from them.

Just after midnight, on the night of the 2/3 December 1984 there was a catastrophic gas leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. The gas spewed into the surrounding areas. The effect on the people was immediate and devastating.

Many died in their beds, many more died after reaching hospitals. The best accepted estimates say 8,00 to 10,000 died within the first 72 hours. Another 15,000 have died since and 120,000 have chronic medical conditions.

The disaster site was never cleared of its toxic waste.

The toxins are now in the soil, plants and animals. Worst of all these toxins are now in the drinking water. This poison just keeps killing.

The Bhopal gas disaster was preventable. It was caused by financial decisions in US boardrooms which led to substandard technologies, inadequate staff levels and training, sloppy waste disposal and cutting corners with health and safety.

Trade unions in the plant had raised health and safety concerns but management ignored the warnings and blamed the workers.
Even after the disaster, Union Carbide denied access to information about MIC and took extraordinary measures to obstruct rehabilitation and prevent any liability. In 2011, Dow chemicals absorbed Union Carbide and has shielded the company from accountability while benefiting from its assets.


On Wednesday 3 December at the Bhopal Memorial in Greyfriars Kirkyard a simple memorial gathering will take place in solidarity with the victims of Bhopal.
Speakers and Music.  5.45p.m. for 6.00 p.m.
All very welcome to attend.



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