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Pay and Conditions - Single Status

The Scottish Single Status agreement for most local government staff (and related sector staff on SNJC conditions) was accepted by a membership ballot at the end of March 1999. It now constitutes the Scottish conditions for all staff (eg Manual and APT&C) although some parts are still subject to specific negotiations. The full agreement is printed here and available for download on the UNISONScotland Local Government pages.

Local negotiations are under way on several aspects in the City of Edinburgh Branch. Details will be published as they emerge.

Index to Document

Implementation Agreement

9-14. Pay and Grading
15-18. Working Time arrangements
19. Methods and Periods of Payment
20. Protection
21. Bonus
22. Continuous Service
23. Nursery Nurses and Residential Care Staff
24. Sickness Allowances
Annex: Current APT&C Spine and Manual Grade / wef 1.4.98

Part 1 - Principles

Annex - Constitution

Part 2 - Key National Provisions

1. Equalities
2. Official Conduct
3. Training and Development
4. Health Safety and Welfare
5. Pay and Grading
6. Working Time Arrangements
7. Leave
8. Part Time Employees
9. Temporary Employees
10 Sickness provision
11. Maternity Scheme
12. Continuous service
13. Period of Notice to Terminate Employment
14. Grievance Procedures
15. Disciplinary Procedures
16 Trade Union Facilities
17. Distant Islands Allowance
18. Car Allowances
19. Reimbursement of Expenditure

Part 3 - Other National Provisions

1. Pay and Grading and Enhanced provisions
2. Working Arrangements
3. Training and Development
4. Payments to Employees in the event of Death or Permanent Disability arising from Assault
5. Meals and Accommodation Charges
6. Nursery Employees


Extract from Scheme of Conditions for Manual Workers relating to Enhancements

4.4 Overtime Defined
4.5 Weekend Work
4.6 Unsocial Hours
4.7 Split Duty
4.8 Work on a General or Public Holiday
4.9 Recall To Work/Standby
4.9.3 Standby

Rates of Allowances for Manual Workers
Extract from Scheme of Conditions for APT&C Staff relating to Enhancements
(c) Weekend working
(d) Night working
(e) Shift working
(f) Irregular hours working
(g) General and public holiday working
(h) Rest day and free day
(i) Split duty
41. Overtime
64. Standby duty allowances
(1) Social Workers
(2) Other officers
(3) Standby Duty on a General or Public Holiday

Part 4 - Joint Advice

Please Note: The document is spread over six pages on this site, the current page and single1.html, single2.html, single3.html, single4.html, single5.html. Each page has a link on to then next one and links back to the Index.


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