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Sickness absence campaign group update

Sickness Absence Sprin 2012 update
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10 April 2012: Here are some points we discussed at our campaign meeting today. Let us know what you think! Contact the Branch by clicking here.

UNISON Update leaflet for members is due back from the printers tomorrow and will be distributed thereafter.

The leaflet should be used as a focus to hold workplace meetings to discuss the process of consultation and negotiation so far and provide any feedback to the Branch.

We've had feedback given from straw-polls which have been carried out with members in some workplaces shows a lot of concern about new policy and particularly the trigger levels. The group agreed that trigger levels are a real concern.

Become a Health and Safety Rep
Stewards and members should be encouraged to become Health and Safety Reps Provide examples of real life cases of sickness absence, so that Council officers and union negotiators can work through them and see what the impact will be with the new policy, perhaps comparing it with the old one.

New bits to the re-written (version 14!) of the Draft Policy include some welcome changes including reference to supportive policies, a well explained process of review (before entering formal stages of the procedure), possibility of case conferences with difficult or complex sickness absence. But still room for improvement!

Still more work to do with Management Toolkit and Transition plan The UNISON Newsletter is due out over the next few weeks, so we will be able to update our members on progress of the negotiations then.







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