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Equal Pay: 'Quick fix' deal with lawyers won't resolve problem. UNISON fights on for fair pay and compensation for all staff.

18 October 2007

Reports suggest that Edinburgh is about to make equal pay 'compensation' offers to some staff currently represented by some lawyers. Out of 700 active claims, about 300 are dealt with by one group of 'no win no fee' lawyers. UNISON has lodged about 1,000 claims and has even more in the pipeline.

Whilst we wait to hear what the current compensation offers are likely to be, this is unlikely to resolve the position. It won't necessarily even resolve the position of compensation claims against the council, and is unlikely to address the main issues of non-discriminatory pay or fair compensation for all underpaid women staff. It appears to be a 'quick-fix' deal struck between a firm of lawyers and the council.

UNISON will continue to negotiate to deliver both a fair and non-discriminatory pay system, and fair compensation for past discrimination - something trade unions can do but not lawyers. Where the council won't deliver on this - we will continue the existing cases we are pursuing to tribunal.

UNISON Edinburgh wants equal pay for all affected members. Nearly 2,700 staff accepted compensation offers previously. Because of the delay in the council getting job evaluation under way, the council is also having to consider further compensation to avoid make claims.





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