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Equal Pay

Council financial settlement offer

1 February 2006

Letter sent to members in affected groups

Dear Colleague,


Following the issuing of our last letter to members on the Equal Pay issue (see letter of 24 January 2006), we were requested by management to re-open discussions on a possible local settlement.

The outcome of these discussions is a greatly increased offer for women on Manual grades. The exact financial sums will be advised to each of those members in a letter from management which should be issued in the next few days.

Those members who are in receipt of settlement offers should be aware there is no likelihood of any additional increase in the offer through further discussions. The figures in question are also the best achieved by any branch in Scotland without the need to enter lengthy litigation.

The Council have also accepted there is a requirement to discuss aspects of our claims for women members in certain APT&C occupational groups. We would, however, stress our position remains that we will provide appropriate support to any member who decides to reject the Council's offer and seeks settlement through the tribunal processes but members should be fully aware there is no guarantee of success or of achieving an improved offer if we go down this path. It is also unlikely any cases would be heard in the short term.

As this is a situation where individuals have to make their own decisions it is inappropriate for us to conduct a ballot on the improved offer.

Yours sincerely

John Stevenson
Branch Secretary





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