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Edinburgh Equal Pay - Frequently Asked Questions

March 2012

1. I've had a claim in for ages when do I get my money?

Every offer from the employer is communicated immediately to the member along with advice from Thompsons. No offers have been made this year but the council have told us to expect offers very soon.

2. Why have other people got their money?

We are not aware of anyone receiving payments this year. Offers are being processed but there are literally thousands of individual offers which require specific calculations and individual legal advice. The process takes time. Every phone call we receive diverts people away from the task of processing negotiations, advice and offers.

3. How much will I get?

You will be advised directly by Thompsons and the Branch Office will not be able to give you any details about that. These things can take considerable time.

From the questions that have been coming in, it is important to understand that, if you are successful, different people will get different offers due to their own circumstances. This could include what the difference was between your pay and the job it compares to, the length of time the difference was there etc.

Details of the factors to take into account can be found on Thompsons webiste at http://www.thompsonstradeunionlaw.co.uk/information-and-resources/equal-pay.htm

4. People tell me Stefan Cross are doing things differently

We cannot comment on the commercial service provided by Fox Cross. But we do have an undertaking that the settlement terms for all council employees are identical.

Please note that if you chose to use Fox Cross it is a private arrangement between you and them and UNISON cannot assist with the details of your claim.

5. I want personal advice on my claim

The only option is to send any supplementary questions to Thompsons in writing. UNISON simply gathers the CASE forms. We don't lodge the claims or do the legal work. All that is done by Thompsons.






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