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Pensions campaign latest - Click on pensions briefing on the right for more details about members meetings on
15 October 5pm - 7pm European Rooom
29 October 6pm - 8pm Business Centre
both in City Chanbers, High Street Edinburgh EH1 1YJ
UNISON is recommending you accept the new pension scheme

October 2013


7 October 2013: Scottish Pensions Bulletin No 39 - October 2013 PDF
LGPS Ballot opens 16 october; Recruit a friend (see leaflet below).

Scottish LGPS - Pension ballot letter Oct 2013 (pdf) PDF
Scottish LGPS - Recruit a Friend leaflet Oct 2013 (pdf) PDF
Scottish LGPS 2015 - FINAL Summary of Heads of AgreementPDF

September 2013

6 September 2013: Local government pensions delegate meeting in Glasgow
Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (SLOGPAG) talks and Heads of Agreement
Conference documents:
LGPS 2015 - draft Summary of Heads of AgreementPDF
LGPS 2015 - delegate meeting powerpoint slides on Heads of Agreement (pdf) PDF

August 2013

8 August 2013: Scottish Pensions Bulletin No 38 - August 2013PDF
Update on Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (SLOGPAG) talks: Core benefit of new scheme - accrual rate; other benefits; member contributions; scheme governance; next steps.

7 August 2013: Local government pensions delegate meeting in Glasgow
To consider Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (SLOGPAG) talks
Conference documents:
LGPS 2015 - briefing on scheme proposalsPDF
LGPS 2015 - proposals for governance PDF
LGPS 2015 - delegate meeting slides (powerpoint)

June 2013: Scottish Pensions Bulletin No 37 - June 2013PDF
LGPS Negotiations Update 2
Progress in second stage of Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (SLOGPAG) talks.

March 2013: Scottish Pensions Bulletin No 36 - March 2013PDF
LGPS Negotiations Update
The main change is that the new scheme must be a defined benefit ‘career average’ (CARE) scheme as final salary schemes will be unlawful.

7 Feb 2013: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 35 - Feb 2013 PDF
Framework for LGPS Negotiations
Should the UK Public Service Pensions Bill be passed as currently drafted, the current Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) will close in April 2015 and a new scheme negotiated. This will be heavily prescribed by the provisions of the Public Service Pensions Bill. This bulletin covers:

  • Career Average (CARE) scheme
  • Retirement age
  • Cost sharing
  • Other issues of scheme
  • Next steps
  • Governance

30 November 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 34 - Nov 2012 PDF

  • Pensions Bill statement in Scottish Parliament
  • Scottish Local Government Pensions schemes

November 2012: Public Service Pensions Bill - email campaign
Contact your MP and MSPs direct by email now - click here -
to lobby for amendments to the Bill which will will leave Scottish public service pension schemes free to design a scheme that meets Scottish requirements.

6 November 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 33 - Nov 2012 PDF

  • Public Service Pensions Bill
  • Pensions Bill Lobby
  • Model letters to MPs and MSPs

8 October 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 32 - Oct 2012 PDF

  • UK Public Service Pensions Bill
  • Pensions Champions Meeting Glasgow 31 October
  • Scottish Local Government Pensions Advisory Group (SLOGPAG)
  • Data Protection

12 July 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 31 - July 2012 PDF

  • Scottish Government challenges Treasury on pension reform
  • NHS - Scottish negotiations continuing
  • Local Government
    - LGPS scheme in Scotland
    - New English LGPS
    - Contribution bands
    - Police and Fire staff
  • Pensions Auto-Enrolment

15 March 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 30 - March 2012

  • NHS Pensions dispute
  • Local government pensions
  • Contracting out rebates fall from April
  • Watch out for dodgy deals on pensions
  • Retirement age

13 March 2012: Reports and pictures from new round of action by NHS Scotland workers

11 January 2012: Scottish pensions Bulletin No 29 - January 2012

Pensions - next stage in Scotland
Local government
STUC Pensions Justice campaign
Industrial action

10 January 2012: Pensions negotiations - update from UK summit

UNISON members give green light to pensions negotiations - see UK news release
UNISON activists have voted to give the union s negotiators the green light to continue discussions with government ministers on changes to public sector pensions.

Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary said: We will continue to campaign to secure the best possible deal, which our members will then be consulted on. Should negotiations fail, our industrial action ballot, which remains live, gives us the option to take more strike action. 

Convener calls for 'distinct Scottish solution' - see UNISON Scotland press release
UNISON Scottish Convener Lillian Macer said: "As the Scottish Government has the responsibility to address these issues in Scotland we call upon Scottish Ministers to explore a distinct Scottish solution for the public service workforce."


March and Rally 30 November Strike Day. 11.30, Johnston Terrace, marching to Scottish Parliament Click here for more rally details across Scotland

Ballot turnout: What's good for the Lib Dem goose...
(5/11/11 on the unofficial UNISONActive blog)

UNISON members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action to protect their pensions. Click here for details

Pensions Dispute: Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

More questions answered

Will a one-day strike save our pensions?

The one day strike is a start. General Secretary Dave Prentis has been clear that it will take more than that but it will be a carefully planned strategy. The one day is an essential kick-off to this.

The key element is that a yes vote will give our negotiators more strength. The Government so far has not been taking talks seriously.
A Yes Vote would mean:

  • We send a powerful message to government
  • We show solidarity with all public sector unions balloting or preparing for industrial action on November 30th
  • We give negotiators new strength to support our demands

Is there a ready-reckoner to see how much I'll lose out of my pension?

It is difficult to show calculations for pension because people's situations vary. But some figures are clear....

Less benefits due to RPI to CPI move:
Because of the change from RPI to CPI, the average public service pensioner loses £117 a year and that is cumulative. Even Lord Hutton conceded there would be a 15% loss in benefits.

Career Average instead of Final Salary:
Plans to move to a 'career average' pension instead of final salary could see a huge drop in your pension. That involves:

  • Step 1 - Earn % of salary as pension for each year you work
  • Step 2 Then re-valued  every year until you retire by a specified Index  Hutton recommended average wages
  • Step 3  Add up all the re-valued  pots at retirement and this is your final pensionable pay that is used to calculate your pension.

To get roughly equal to what people get now, the pension would have to accrue at about 1/55th of salary. Currently the Scottish scheme accrues at 1/60th. The government plans suggest somewhere beteween 1/65th of salary to 1/100th meaning much less in retirement while paying much more.

Work longer, pay more and get less!
Pension age increases on top mean you'll pay more, work longer and get less!

Plus: If you are in the groups facing the 3% rise in contributions on the average 6% people pay, it actually means 50%. If you currently pay £100 a month, you would have to stump up another £50 - and that will not even go into the pension fund, it will go straight to the government! (This does not apply at this stage to Local Government in Scotland)




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