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1 October 2009

Cuts in home carers' pay will end up as profit for private care directors

Speaking in a debate on the Equal Pay in Local Government Debate in the Scottish parliament on 1 October, Labour MSP Sarah Boyack warned that some of our lowest paid women care workers are losing out badly.

She criticised the slow rate of progress in resolving the thousands of staff stuck waiting for resolution of their claims and said that the transfer of staff to the private sector would make matters worse.

"I'm already dealing with complaints from constituents about the poor quality of home care services they are receiving from private contractors. The City of Edinburgh plans to contract out vast majority of their home care services will make matters worse. Any savings in costs will be paid for by reduction in pay and conditions and poorer quality services for some of our most vulnerable citizens."

"Cuts in their salaries will end up as profit for private care company directors."

"It cannot be right that in a city with the highest cost of living in the country that our SNP Lib Dem council are cutting back on pay for our lowest paid workers."


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